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Our Services. 

Services we rendere together with out partners:
  • Cost-effective representation, promotion, and sales;

  • Complex solution for promoting all types of products and services to target groups of customers within the industry;

  • Representation of Customers in Chile and other countries of South America;

  • Arrangement of performance of specific actions and services in a cost- effective way without need for additional facilities;

  • Information support and consulting in English;

  • Services and functions of a mini- exhibition and information center for your clients in Chile;

  • Fill-scale support for buyers and sellers, including the search for clients, advertising, promoting, presentations, demonstrations, assistance in ordering products, arrangement of deliveries of products, after-sale support, auditing of existing customers. 

  • Technical support, repair, and maintenance of products (machinery and equipment);

  • Storage and transportation facilities for our customers (from seaports to clients’ sites);

  • Consulting on technical and contractual matters, assistance in the elaboration of draft contracts (incl. bilingual);

  • Assistance in any legal issues in favor and on behalf of our customers; Support and representation of customers before governmental and supervising bodies;

  • Sales and financial reporting on behalf of our customers according to given orders and instructions;

  • Assistance in collecting and refunding of VAT (IVA) or its compensation (accounting) in the frameworks of the rendered representation services; Support and assistance with any and all personal and individual issues that our customers might have in Chile;

  • Arranging advertising and promoting campaigns in favor of our customers in specialized mass media;

  • Translations and localization into Spanish (Chileno) (any technical documents, advertisements, and other materials, including websites);

  • Cultural and linguistic consulting;

  • Assistance in expansion to markets of other countries of Latin America;

  • Scheduling of business meetings and assistance in traveling around Chile and other countries of South America, including interpreting services. 

Budgeting of our services: 

The project budget includes the following components:

  • Monthly budget — contributions/payments by the customer for rendering services of the general representation in the agreed regions, estimated on grounds of the nature of products and the variety and range of representation services;

  • Agreed sale fee for products manufactured by the customer; 

  • Agreed interest in sales of the participants’ products;

  • Costs and expenses connected with representation activities . 

Other direct expenses:

All direct expenses connected with representation activities, which are not included in the general course of representation are to be agreed and paid by the customer separately and individually. Those expenses are the following: 

  • Business travels intended for execution of the certain customer’s orders, instructions, and requests connected with representation of the customer’s interests;

  • Development and production of all the types of advertising, promoting and information materials for the customer;

  • Arrangement of representation and support of the customer in exhibitions and other public events (those services foresee engagement of part- time personnel on conditions of outsourcing);

  • Translation of documents and materials into Spanish (Chileno) (outsourcing);

  • Bookkeeping and legal support of the partner’s operations (outsourcing); 

  • Services of reception, transportation, handling, and storage of the partners’ products (outsourcing);

  • Representation of the customer’s interests before third persons including governmental and state bodies of Chile in the case of disputes connected with deliveries and supplies of the customer’s products and the quality thereof;

  • Other services that might be required by the customer. 

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