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Our Team 

Our team has a vast experience in fulfillment of various commercial and industrial projects in many industries in different countries of the world. All our projects every time we of "piece of art" manner as we used our best solutions and realized individual approach as to every customer and partner so to all the tasks imposed. Notwithstanding of the scale of any project as those were and are either large or small ones, we have observed the interests of our partners and kept the conditions of security and confidentiality. Also we always apply all our experience collected for more than 30 years of making business to do our best for perfection of the results of our work as far as it is practically possible.


Alexander L. Elin, CEO and co-owner of the company Maquinaria Forestal Europea S.p.A.


Our Partners in Europe

Freelanguage LDA


Freelanguage LDA is a reliable partner in the field of translation and linguistic services providing several linguistic solutions for various business needs. The company was established in 2011 and today the team offers translations and other languages services in more than 45 languages of the world, providing the best quality within the shortest deadlines.

All projects are assigned only to proven professional native speaking linguists with vast experience in a range of subject fields. Each project passes through obligatory QC procedures before delivery to customers.
With the assistance of the language service provider, everyone is able to conduct negotiations and contacts all over the world avoiding troubles connected with language barriers and different time zones. Moreover, the company offers services of information search and phone call support in different languages.

You can find more information about the company here:

The Consortium Agreement announce

Herein the companies Inversiones Maquinaria Forestal Europea SpA, Chile, and Freelanguage LDA, Portugal, have the honor to announce a Consortium Agreement for a new project “Chile for Europe” taking force and being effective starting on this 23 of January, 2023.


Starting from the date mentioned above, the company Freelanguage LDA, Portugal, becomes an exclusive European representative of the company Inversiones Maquinaria Forestal Europea SpA, Chile (*with exclusion of ongoing projects performed by the company Inversiones Maquinaria Forestal Europea SpA, Chile effective before the mentioned date of this Consortium Agreement).


The Parties, basing on mutual agreement, confidence, and intention achieved during the years of cooperation, agreed to act together in rendering of high quality services provided to European manufacturers of machinery and equipment intended for application in various industries, economical brunches and segments of economy. Those services named above are intended to the following targets:

  • Search for end-customers for manufacturers of large machines and industrial equipment;

  • Search for sustainable and well-established local dealers/distributors of products;

  • Industrial projects dedicated to final assemblage and production of machines and equipment under licenses granted by manufacturers. 


The idea of the Consortium is stipulated for and grounded by the following considerations:

  • effective promotion of the services of the company Maquinaria Forestal Europea SpA, Chile, designed for effective entrance of European manufacturers in the markets of Chile (*and other countries of South America);

  • provision of European manufacturers with opportunity of cooperation in unified legal and economical field for avoidance of complications stipulated with interactions overseas; 

  • simplification of all the payments and settlements by cooperation within the frames of European Community;

  • decrease of any and all possible risks and contingencies with respect of cooperation overseas;

  • provision of effective access for European manufacturers to the services renders by the company Maquinaria Forestal Europea SpA, Chile, on one hand, so to the the Consortium and its parties to all significant European fairs and events.


 We believe and hope that organization of this Consortium and performance of the project “Chile for Europe” will contribute well the the course of effective entrance of the European manufacturing companies in the markets of Chile and South America.


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