Team and Partners

Our team has a vast experience in fulfillment of various commercial and industrial projects in many industries in different countries of the world. All our projects every time we of "piece of art" manner as we used our best solutions and realized individual approach as to every customer and partner so to all the tasks imposed. Notwithstanding of the scale of any project as those were and are either large or small ones, we have observed the interests of our partners and kept the conditions of security and confidentiality. Also we always apply all our experience collected for more than 30 years of making business to do our best for perfection of the results of our work as far as it is practically possible.


Alexander L. Elin, CEO and co-owner of the company Maquinaria Forestal Europea S.p.A.


Partners in Chile

MVL Representaciones Ltda.


In 2016 we started our great partnership with MVL Ltd., located in the city of Concepcion (Region VIII), which is the heart and economical capital of the South. MVL is a privately held company operating in the field of sales, supplies, and maintenance of the forest machinery and wood processing equipment.

The qualified and trained technical staff and well-equipped workshops of the company allow providing technical support, maintenance, warranty and post- warranty servicing to a higher specification.

Two showrooms owned by the company are great places for presentations and demonstrating machines and equipment to potential clients. The staff is able to assist in arranging trials and tests of various products.
The expertise of MVL allows the company to provide solutions for almost all and any issues that might happen during run and operation of various products supplied by manufacturers.
Moreover, the company takes part in the majority of fairies, exhibitions, and events in the industry arranged in Chile. That gives even more opportunities to promote and represent customers’ brands and products properly.
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Our Partners in Europe

Freelanguage LDA


Freelanguage LDA is a reliable partner in the field of translation and linguistic services providing several linguistic solutions for various business needs. The company was established in 2011 and today the team offers translations and other languages services in more than 45 languages of the world, providing the best quality within the shortest deadlines.

All projects are assigned only to proven professional native speaking linguists with vast experience in a range of subject fields. Each project passes through obligatory QC procedures before delivery to customers.
With the assistance of the language service provider, everyone is able to conduct negotiations and contacts all over the world avoiding troubles connected with language barriers and different time zones. Moreover, the company offers services of information search and phone call support in different languages.

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Presercom SpA.


For more than 20 years, the company Presercom provided financial, tax and accounting consulting to a number of small and medium, national and international companies. More than 10,000 Tax Returns have been prepared and submitted to the Internal Revenue Service in Presercom offices.

Presercom SpA is a highly innovative company within frameworks of information processing. Data analysis is performed instantly and all the information is safely kept during a period of 10 years allowing clients to have an access to it anytime. 


The highly effective team of Presercom SpA not only provides competitive solutions and services to customers, but contributes to the society, vigorously participates in coordinating actions of different market participants, renders services for tracking employees, suppliers and customers, strives to become a member of customers’ teams in order to develop products goods and services aimed for maximizing quality and level of work. Another important role is the legal 

regulatory compliance, designed to maximize all possible benefits with consideration to the regulatory provisions.
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We invite all the persons who are interested to earn money and who have some experience in industries and also who have enough energy, good will, and some spare time to work together with us!


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