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Solutions & Projects

During 7 years of its history, our Company performs wide range of activities within frames of many projects. Some of these are fulfilled on regular basis, other ones are at the start-up stages. We invite new partners to participate in our projects as our customers or our partners and members of our team. In the course of our projects we always offer perfect and effective solutions intended to provide our customers with good and sustainable profit while gathering goodwill in new prospective markets. Also all our projects are implemented as tailor-made solutions with support of all required specialized organizations, institutions, and experts from various fields. 

Which industries do we work in?

Five years ago when we've been starting our business activities in Chile, we were focused first and foremost of all on forest industry. That was somewhat as tradition for us. For today together with our partners we are working now in a variety of industries. Amongst those Industrias and industrial sectors are forest industry, agriculture, mining industry, general industry, power energetics, construction and civil works, ecology, "green" energy solutions, hydraulics, and so on and on. Why our file of activities is so wide? Because we always attract professional experts to participation in our work. 

Can we name the project which we took part in?

Sorry, no. Normally we never name our customers and we never talk about the targets, content, and other details of our projects. Why? Because we are restricted by NDAs, and moreover we feel us responsible to keep confidence. When we will perform your project, and we will act in the same manner keeping your interests and confidentiality. We can only declare that we always maintain the interests of our customers and we avoid any and all conflicts of interests. 
If any, we always are ready to provide you with the contacts of persons who know us and our manner of work sufficiently well. Please, do not hesitate to ask us.   

What is a geography of our projects?

What is a geography of our projects?

We worked and work with customers of our services in several countries of Europe. We do not work for now with Asia, Africa, Gulf Region, and CIS. In some countries we have or had several projects, in some countries only one yet.  Thus, we worked or work with customers of our services in Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Swiss, Czech, Poland, Estonia, The Netherlands, Portugal, etc. 

Do we search for new customers?

Do we search for new customers?

Yes, we do! We always feel us very glad to work with and for new customers in proceeding with new project. And so we are open for any new inquiries from European manufacturing companies. We do our best in all our projects. Welcome! 
Also we can offer for your attention some our brochures that tell about our studies pithing the frames of our ideas of prospects. You can download our brochures here: 

Is it possible to work together with us?

Yes, obviously it is! We are always very glad to find new partners and to work with them in permanent manner. We are searching for serious and intelligent people in Europe who can duly represent us before industrial manufacturing companies. As we are searching new customers permanently, so we search representatives of our business in Europe. Welcome! We can make business together and to earn money together. For you it wouldn't be heavy or complicated job, but it would be very interesting in earning additional good money. You can download our brochure here: 

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