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La mejor en el Sur de Chile, verdad

The best in the South of Chile, indeed

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain and support business communications and cooperation between industrial and wholesale companies operating in Chile and other countries of Latin America and European manufacturers of various industrial equipment and machinery, tools and instrumentation, as well as with

responsible businesses developing and

providing Chile and other countries of LatAm with European high technologies and environmentally friendly and "green" solutions. 

Our Solutions

After 30 years of the successful implementation and management of various projects in different countries of the world, today our team is ready to use our large experience and best practices to design, develop and provide our customers and partners with tailored solutions for the most challenging tasks and needs within frameworks of industrial and ecological projects in Chile and Latin America as a whole. 

Our Services

In our work we strive to combine two aspects: to provide Chile and LatAm with high quality European technologies, solutions, machinery and equipment, and to help European manufacturers in their sustainable entrance in our markets. At that, our services are aimed to encourage manufacturers machinery and equipment in their entrance in emerging Chilean and Latin American markets. And on the other hand, our business is focused on the development, implementation, and promotion of European technologies and solutions in the industry of South America. 

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